Choosing document properties

A document’s properties allow it to be identified. They provide information about the document and can be used to organise documents for easy retrieval or for searching.

Open the relevant document.

Click the File tab then Info.

The document properties are displayed in the right hand pane under the Properties option.

By default, you cannot see all properties.

To display more properties, click Show All Properties at the bottom of the window.

Word displays the most relevant document properties. Click Show Fewer Properties to reduce the number of properties.

For each property you wish to complete, click the Add area for the property concerned (e.g. for the Title property, click Add a title), then enter the information you want.


Click the images/IC-024.png tool button to save the changes made to the document. Properties are only associated with the document when the document is saved.

The Advanced Properties option from the Properties list (File tab - Info) displays the Properties dialogue box. You can see the properties of a file from the Open dialogue box: click Open from the File tab, click the This PC option then the Browse button. Right-click the relevant document then click Properties; the properties are listed under the Details tab.