Changing the margins of a document

Applying preset margins

To change the preset margins in a document with several sections, place the insertion point in the section that has the margins you wish to modify.

For more information on sections, refer to the section Creating and formatting a section in the Presentation chapter.

Click the Layout tab.

Go to the Page Setup group and click the Margins button.


Click the type of margins you want; using the Last Custom Setting option you can apply the values of the margins previously defined in the Page Layout dialogue box (cf. following sub heading).

Defining custom margins

Select your text, or if your document contains several sections, place the insertion point in the relevant section.

In the Layout tab, go to the Page Setup group and click the images/13i10.png button. You can also click Custom Margins from the list on the Margins button.

The Page Setup dialogue box opens.

If required, click the Margins tab.


Specify the margin settings. If you are printing on both sides on the paper (in duplex) and intend to bind the document like a book, you can specify a Gutter margin to be added at the left on the front of the page, and at the right on the back of the page, to leave space for the binding. If the binding is at the top of the page, select Top in the Gutter position list.

Remember to respect the minimum margins specified by your printer.

If you want to adjust the margins for duplex printing, open the Multiple pages list and select Book fold. The options Right and Left are replaced by Inside ...