Modifying borders in a table

First method

Select the cells or the whole table, and then click the Table Tools - Design tab.

Borders are applied to the selection rather than to the each of the cells selected.

Go to the Borders group and choose an option from the Line Style list images/13i98.png.

From the same group, choose an option from the Line Weight list images/13i99.png.

Click the Pen Color button (Borders group) and choose a colour for your borders. Theme Colors are linked to the theme applied to the document (cf. Themes chapter). If you choose one of the theme colours, the colour of the border will change when you apply another theme to the document. Alternatively, if you choose one of the Standard Colors, the colour will not change as it is not linked to the theme.

Go to Borders and open the Borders button list.

Here, a diagonal up border is going to be applied to the selection. This border will be formatted according to the options chosen in the Borders group.


Click the type of border to apply.

The top part of the Borders tool button displays an image of the last border chosen.

Use this procedure for all borders you would like to apply to your table.

Word provides several preset borders, which you can find in the Border Styles list in the Borders group (Table Tools - Design tab). This list also contains recently used borders.

To delete a border, select the relevant cells, open the Borders button list and click No Border.

To apply the last border, you can click the top part of the Border tool.

Second method

Select either the relevant cells or the whole ...