Defining image compression settings

Compressing an image

Select the picture(s) to be compressed; if all the pictures of your document need to be compressed, it is not necessary to select them all, selecting one of them will be enough.

In the Format tab, go to Adjust group and click the Compress Pictures images/13i119.png tool.


If the resolution of only the selected pictures needs to be changed, check that the option Apply only to this picture is checked; if it is not checked, the resolution of every picture in the document will be modified.

If one or more pictures have been cropped, tick the Delete cropped areas of pictures option in order to reduce the document’s size.

For more information about cropping an image, refer to the Cropping an image section later in this chapter.

Choose a screen resolution from the Target output frame: HD, Print, Web, E-mail or Use document resolution.

The Use document resolution option uses the default resolution set up in the Word Options dialogue box (cf. sub-section below).

The lower the resolution, the smaller the document; however, the image quality will be affected.

Click OK.

Changing the default settings

In the File tab, click Options and then select the Advanced category.

Open the Image Size and Quality list, and then select the file for which the compression settings should be set by default.

This list displays the open Word documents as well as the All New Documents option which allows you to set all the settings for every new document that will be created.

If editing is carried ...