Specific keyboard shortcuts



Go to the next field


Go to the previous field


Update the field


Insert a field


Display/hide field code of the pointed field/all fields


Replace a field by its result



Select the next/previous cell


Move to the last/first cell of the line


Move to the last/first cell of the column


Tab characters in a cell

Outline view

[Alt][Shift][Left arrow]

Promote a paragraph

[Alt][Shift][Right arrow]

Demote a paragraph

[Alt][Shift] 1 (or 2 or 3...)

Show heading by level

[Alt][Shift] +

Expand a heading

[Alt][Shift] -

Collapse a heading

[Alt][Shift] A

Show all documents (titles, subtitles and text)

[Alt][Shift][Up arrow]

Move title up

[Alt][Shift][Down arrow]

Move title down

Mail merge

[Alt][Shift] N

Merge to new document

[Alt][Shift] M

Print merged document

[Alt][Shift] E

Edit the data document