Creating an outline using preset styles

Activate Outline view: click the View tab then the Outline button in the Views group.

The Outlining tab is selected in the tabs bar. The rulers are no longer visible and each paragraph is preceded by a grey circle.


Display the Styles pane (Home tab - Styles group - images/13i10.png button).

Nine predefined styles are available but only three can be seen in the Style list by default.

To see all the predefined styles, click the Options link in the Styles window, select All styles from the Select styles to show list, then click OK.

Check the Show Preview option for a preview of the style in the Styles pane.

If required, click the Outlining tab.

For each title to enter in the outline, click the relevant paragraph, then use the Styles window to apply the predefined style of your choice to it:

Heading 1

main headings

Heading 2


Heading 3



You can also apply preset styles in other views. Applying the styles Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, etc., obviously cancels any existing formatting of your own. A cross images/13i73.png to the left of the text indicates that this is an outline heading.

Once the heading is entered in the outline, you can promote it to a higher level with the images/13i75.png button or demote it to a lower level with images/13i74.png.

If required, close outline view by clicking Close Outline View.

If a normal paragraph has been defined as a heading by mistake, return to it and give it another style (not Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, etc.).

If certain paragraphs of the text are formatted in custom styles that ...