Co-authoring a document

When a document has been shared with other users (see Sharing a document), those users with edit rights may open and work on a document at the same time as other people.

When a user receives the link to a shared document by e-mail, they can then click on the link or the name of the document to view the document in their Web browser.


If the document has been sent to the user’s Microsoft account e-mail address, they can then access the document from the Shared list of their own OneDrive storage area.

The View in OneDrive button included in the sharing invitation message provides a quick way of navigating to that area.

Once the link has been clicked, the document opens in the online Word Online application, in read mode. Having signed in to your Microsoft account (Sign in button), provided you are authorised to edit the document, the Edit Document button is displayed on the command bar at the top of the screen.


If the user has no Microsoft account, the Edit in Browser button appears instead of the Edit Document button; they may then make changes using the Word Online application.

To edit the document, click the Edit Document button and select Edit in Word to edit it in the Word application, if it is installed on your computer; otherwise select the Edit in Word Online option to edit it directly in the Web browser (not all Word functions are available in the online application).

Working with others in the Word application

When you work on an online document using Word, changes you make can automatically be shared in real time with others working ...