Changing the template associated with a document

You can use styles from another template.

Open the document to which you want to attach another template.

Click the File tab, then click Options, then select Add-Ins.

Select Templates from the Manage list, then click Go.

Click the Attach button in the Document template area.

Word suggests Templates as the folder to store the template.

If the template you want to use is stored in a sub-folder of the Templates folder, double-click on the relevant folder to open it.

If the template you want to use is a custom template (created by you), click the Documents folder (in Librairies) in the left-hand pane, then double-click the Custom Office Templates folder; if the template is stored in a sub-folder, double-click the relevant folder to open it.

Double-click the name of the template to open it.

Check the Automatically update document styles option.

Click OK.

The Styles pane now contains the styles attached to the template.

Apply styles to your template at your leisure.