Importing styles

You can import styles from another document or another template into an active document.

Open the document or template into which you want to import styles.

From the Home tab, go to the Styles group and click the images/13i10.png button to display the Styles pane.

Click the Manage Styles button images/13i66.png at the bottom of the panel, then click Import/Export.

Make sure the Styles tab is active in the Organizer dialogue box.

Styles from the template or active document are displayed on the left while styles from the Normal.dotm template are displayed on the right.


If the styles to be imported are not in the Normal template, close that template and open the document or template that has the styles:

  • Click Close File: this button is replaced with the button Open File.

  • Click Open File.

  • Select the document or template with the styles to be imported: by default, only templates are displayed in the Open dialogue box. If you want to display documents, you must choose All Word Documents in the File type list located to the right of the File name field

  • Click Open.

The template or document styles that you have just opened are displayed to the right.

Select the styles you want to import. Use the [Shift] key for a continuous selection and/or the [Ctrl] key to select one style at a time.

When a style is selected, you can see its Description in the relevant area. This area is empty when several styles are selected.


Click Copy.

If the new document or template contains a style with the same name as an imported style, a message appears, suggesting you change ...