Recovering a version of a document

Recovering an automatically saved version

When you are working in a document and the automatic save options are active, the document is automatically saved according to the specified time (by default, every 10 minutes) if changes have been made to it. Different versions of these saved documents are available and can be easily recovered.

Ensure that the automatic save options are active: click the File tab, Options then the Save category, and make sure that the Save AutoRecover information every and Keep the last autosaved version if I close without saving options are checked. Click OK to confirm.

If necessary, open the relevant document.

Click the File tab then Info.

Any autosaved versions are displayed in the Manage Document list in the centre pane.


Click the saved version you want to open.

The saved version of the document opens in Read Mode. This is a draft file with the file extension .asd.

The date and time of the save are displayed in the title bar. The Read-Only note indicates that the changes made to this version cannot be saved in this document.


To compare the automatically saved version with the previous version you have saved, click the Compare button in the bar below the reading view bar.

A new document opens displaying three document windows: in one, you can see the content of the compared document with the changes highlighted; in another, the content of the original document; and in the third, the content of the revised document. These are three views and not three actual documents. To the left ...