Starting/exiting Word 2016

Starting Microsoft Word 2016

Click the Start button images/IC-001.png and the All apps option.

Scroll down the list to W and click on Word 2016.

Click the Word 2016 shortcut images/IC-002.png if you can see it on your desktop.

Alternatively, you can search for the app by entering Word into the search box on the taskbar.

The Microsoft Word application opens in the Desktop interface.

When you open the application, Word asks if you want to create a new blank document, choose a template or open a recent document (Recent list) or other existing document.


Click Blank document to create a new blank document; click one of the template thumbnails to create a new document based on this template; open a recent document by clicking its name in the Recent list, or click the Open Other Documents list to open an existing document.

The workscreen appears.


The screen elements are as follows:

  • The title bar and its icons (a): in the centre is the name of the active document (here, Document1 as it is a new document), followed by the name of the application (Word).images/rien.png
    On the right is the images/IC-003.png tool to choose how you want the window to appear. Next are the Minimise images/IC-004.png, Restore Down images/ic003R.png or Maximise images/ic002R.png buttons which you can use to reduce the window size or display it full screen. If several documents are open, the Close button images/ic001R.png will close the active document; if only one document is open, it will close the Word application.
  • The Quick Access Toolbar (b) contains the most frequently used tools. New tools can be added to the toolbar (see Customising the environment - Customising the Quick Access Toolbar). ...