Inserting a cover page

A cover page goes at the beginning of the document and introduces its content. Word has several built-in cover pages.

From the Insert tab, go to the Pages group and click Cover Page.


Click the cover page you want to insert.

The cover page is inserted in the document.

Complete or modify the content of the cover page. Click the area you want to fill in, then enter your text, or use one of the tools to enter information (such as a date, for example).

Note that some text areas (such as Title, Subtitle, Author) are already completed because they are based on built-in document properties (cf. Documents - Choosing document properties).


A document can only have one single cover page. If you insert a cover page into a document that already has a cover page, the new cover page will replace the existing one.

Page numbering is not reflected in the cover page, and Word does not take the cover page into account when applying page numbering to the document. The page that follows the cover page is numbered 1. To download a cover page from the site, go to the Insert tab, Pages group, click the Cover Page button, point to More Cover pages from then click an option from the cover pages selected to insert into your document. If there are no pages available to download, you will see the option No Online Content Available.