Presenting text in columns

Select the relevant text or, if the document has several sections, place the insertion point in the relevant section.

From the Layout tab, go to the Page Setup group and click Columns.

Click one of the options from the list, or click More Columns if you want to customise your columns.

If you have chosen an option from the list, your text will appear in columns; if you have chosen More Columns, a dialogue box will appear.

In the Presets area, select the basic presentation.


Indicate whether or not all the columns are to be of identical width using the Equal column width checkbox.

If necessary, change the Width value and the Spacing value (the space left between columns) for each column or all columns.

Check the Line between option to draw a vertical line between each column.

Use the Apply to list to define the part of the text to be presented in columns.

Click OK.

You must be in Print Layout view to see the multicolumn layout.

To present text in columns, without having previously inserted section breaks, Word will create its own section breaks before and after the selection.