Inserting a hyperlink

A hyperlink is a link to a file, a Web page, a place in an active document, or a new e-mail message.

Open the file where you want to insert the hyperlink.

Place the cursor in the document where you would like to insert the link, or select the text that will serve as the link.

In the Insert tab, go to the Links group and click the Hyperlink button.

Creating a hyperlink to a file or Web page

Click the Existing File or Web Page shortcut on the Link to places bar.

You can use the Create New Document shortcut to create a link to a document that does not yet exist.

Type in or change the Text to display as the hyperlink.

For the Address, use one of the following methods:

  • Type the full path and name of the file or Web page (URL) to which you are creating the link, in the Address box.

  • Click the Current Folder shortcut. Then use the Look in list to select the drive/server, the folder and the file to which you are creating the link. If the hyperlink is to a folder, activating it will select that folder in File Explorer.

  • Click the Browsed Pages shortcut and select the page you wish to link to from the list of Web pages visited previously with your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).

  • Click the Recent Files shortcut to select the file to which you wish to link from a list of recently used files.


If needed, click the ScreenTip button to type the text that will appear when you point to the link. If you do not specify this text, Word will simply display the hyperlink address in the associated ScreenTip.

Use the Bookmark button ...