Protecting a document

Word will only allow you to protect certain elements of your document.

Open the relevant document or template then select the Review tab.

Go to the Protect group and click the Restrict Editing button to display the Restrict Editing pane.

You can also display this pane if you click the File tab, the Info option, then the Protect Document button and then the Restrict Editing option.

Check the Allow only this type of editing in the document option in the Editing restrictions frame. Then open the attached list and choose one of the following options:

Tracked changes: the document contents can be modified but all the changes made to the document will be marked with reviewing markup for easy tracking. This activates change tracking and you cannot accept or reject the changes made.

Comments: the document contents cannot be modified, you can only add comments. However, you can allow changes on certain parts of the document, for all users or a selection of users.

Filling in forms: Users of the form will only be able to access the form fields; the rest of the document is protected against editing. If the form is divided into several sections, the Select sections link appears, so you can choose which sections to protect.

No changes (Read only): the document contents cannot be modified but you can allow changes on certain parts of the document, for all users or a selection of users.

If you choose the Comments or No changes (Read only) option, an extra section appears called Exceptions (optional), in which you can allow editing on certain ...