Inserting a column/row

First method

Select the column/row before or after which you want to insert a new column/row. To insert several columns/rows, select as many existing columns/rows as you want to insert.

From the Table Tools - Layout tab, go to the Rows & Columns group and click either Insert Left or Insert Right for a column or Insert Above or Insert Below for a row.

You can find these options in the Insert button on the mini toolbar.

The new column(s)/row(s) have the same formatting as the active cell at the time of insertion.

Second method

To insert a column, position the mouse above the first horizontal line of the table, at the place where you want to insert the new column.

To insert a row, position the mouse to the left of the first vertical line in the table, where you want the new row to be inserted.

The images/13i92.png symbol appears in the position where you want to insert the new column.

Click the images/13i92.png symbol once for every row or column you want to insert.


In the example above, two rows have been added to the table.

You can also use this method by selecting as many columns/rows as you want to insert.

To insert a new row at the end of a table, activate the last cell of the table and press [Tab].