Using tabs

Tabs allow you to correctly align several lines of text one underneath the other. Word provides a number of tab stops depending on alignment settings or the item you wish to align.


If you want to view the tab stops, display the formatting marks by activating the images/13iac25.png tool on the Home tab (Paragraph group).

Tabs are represented by the character images/IC-031.png.

Enter any text which should appear at the beginning of the line.

To go on to the next tab stop, press the [Tab] key.

Word tab stops are set every 1.25 cm by default.

To return to the previous tab stop, delete the tab character by pressing [Backspace].

If the [Tab] and [Backspace] keys cause the left and first line indents to increase or decrease, deactivate the Set left and first-indent with tabs and backspaces option in the AutoCorrect dialogue box (File tab - Options - Proofing - AutoCorrect Options button - AutoFormat As You Type tab).