Changing the zoom

To change the zoom setting quickly, slide the Zoom cursor images/IC-013.png found on the right of the status bar, or click as many times as you need on the Zoom Outimages/IC-014.png or Zoom In images/IC-015.png buttons.


The zoom setting here is 120%.

To select a preset zoom value, go to the View tab.

The Zoom group has the following buttons:


Click the following buttons:


To display the document with a zoom setting of 100%, which corresponds to actual size.


To adjust the zoom setting to that the whole width of the page is visible on screen with left and right edges visible.


To display a whole page on screen.


To display several pages on screen.


To set a zoom value; you can also click on the value shown on the status bar.

The Zoom dialogue box appears.

Enter the desired zoom setting in the Percent area, or use the increment buttons.

To display several pages on the screen, activate the Many pages option, then click the images/IRB17.png tool button.


Drag to select the number of pages to display and their position on the screen.

Click OK.

To zoom in on a graphic object (shape, picture, SmartArt graphic...) or table, display the document in Read Mode (images/IC-021.png tool on the status bar) then double click the graphic object you want to zoom in on.

To increase the value of the zoom, click the images/ip21.png button in the top right part of the graphic object or table; to go back to the previous zoom value, click the images/ip22.png button.

To deactivate the zoom and carry on reading the document, click outside of the graphic object or table.