Splitting cells

This technique, the opposite of merging, allows you to divide one cell into several cells.

With the dialogue box

Select the cells you want to split.

From the Table Tools - Layout tab, go to the Merge group and click Split Cells.

Specify the Number of columns and/or Number of rows.

If you want to merge all the selected cells into one before splitting the resulting cell into rows and columns, click the Merge cells before split option. If this option is not active, each cell in the selection will be divided into the stated number or rows or columns.

Click OK.

By drawing borders

Click anywhere in the table.

From the Table Tools - Design tab, go to Draw and click Draw Table.

The pointer takes the shape of a pencil.

Drag the pointer horizontally or vertically to create new cell divisions.

When you have finished splitting the cells, click the Draw Table button again to deactivate it.