Creating and formatting a section

A section is part of a document which has a particular layout (such as columns, a different orientation, specific headers and footers and so on). Before formatting sections, you must separate them with section breaks to differentiate them.

Inserting a section break

Place the insertion point at the beginning of the new section you wish to create.

From the Layout tab, go to the Page Setup group and click the Breaks button.


Click the type of section break you want from the list of options:

Next Page

A page break occurs between sections making the new section begin at the top of the page following the active page.


The new section begins straight after the previous one.

Even Page

A section break is inserted and the new section starts on the next even page.

Odd Page

A section break is inserted and the new section starts on the next odd page.

When in non-printing characters mode (Home tab - images/13iac25.png button), Word shows the term Section Break followed by the type of break.

To display the number of the active section in the status bar, on the status bar, then click Section; clicking again on Section enables you to hide the active section.

Formatting a section

Place the insertion point in the section you wish to format.

Apply formatting to the section (paper, column, border and so on).

The changes will only apply to the pages of the active section.