Inserting a diagram (SmartArt graphic)

A diagram enables you to represent information and ideas in a graphical way.

Word offers several diagram types (list, hierarchy, pyramid…) and for each of them, several options are available.

Here is an example of an organisation chart type diagram (Hierarchy):


Here is an example of an upward arrow type diagram:


Place the cursor where you want to insert the diagram.

From the Insert tab, go to Illustrations and click the SmartArt button.

The Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialogue box appears.

Click the type of diagram you want to insert in the left area of the dialogue box.

The diagrams matching the type you have chosen are displayed in the middle of the dialogue box.

Click the layout you want.

The selected diagram is previewed on the right side of the dialogue box.


Click OK.

The diagram appears at the cursor, and the contextual Design tab is active in the Ribbon.

Enter the text in the various parts of the diagram using the Text Pane to the left of this one. To do so, follow these steps:

  • In the Text pane, click the placeholder text [Text] of your shape, or click directly on your shape to activate the matching placeholder [Text].

  • Enter your text. To create a line break, use the [Shift][Enter] keys. The character size automatically adjusts so that all text appears in the shape.

If the Text Pane is not visible, you can display it by clicking the handle images/13i111.png. You can close it by clicking the button images/13i112.png. Alternatively, the Text Pane can be displayed by clicking Text Pane (Design tab on the SmartArt Tools contextual ...