Undoing/redoing/repeating actions

Undoing actions

Word keeps a history of the recent actions

To undo your last action, click the Undo tool images/IC-008.png in the Quick Access Toolbar or use the [Ctrl] Z keyboard shortcut.

To undo your recent actions, open the list on the Undo button images/IC-009.png in the Quick Access Toolbar.

The highlighted actions will be undone.


Click the recent action to undo: this action and every action above it will be undone.

If Word is unable to undo any actions, the Undo tool is greyed out (images/IC-010.png), and unavailable.
You can also undo recent actions by clicking the Undo images/IC-009.png tool button repeatedly until you have undone all the relevant actions.

Redoing actions

If the cancellation is worse than the original mistake, you can redo what you have cancelled.

To redo the last action cancelled, click once on Redo images/IC-011.png in the Quick Access Toolbar or use the [Ctrl] Y keyboard shortcut.

To redo the last actions cancelled, go to the Quick Access Toolbar and click Redo images/IC-011.png as many times as you need.

Repeating the last action

Instead of performing the same action several times, you can repeat it.

Click the Repeat tool button images/IC-012.png in the Quick Access Toolbar, or use the [Ctrl] Y or [F4] keyboard shortcut.

In the Quick Access Toolbar, the Redo images/IC-011.png and Repeat images/IC-012.png tool buttons are not visible at the same time, because they both occupy the same place on the toolbar. Either one or the other is displayed, depending on the context. If you have just cancelled an action, you see the Redo images/IC-011.png tool button, whereas if you have just carried out a task you will see the Repeat images/IC-012.png tool button.