Managing sources

From the References tab, go to the Citations & Bibliography group and click Manage Sources.

The Source Manager dialogue box appears. The Master List displays the sources created in Word, while the Current List displays the sources created in the active document. You can see a preview of the selected source in the Preview pane at the bottom of the dialogue box.


In the Current List pane, the sources are preceded by a tick, and the bookmarks are preceded by a question mark. If a source has neither a tick nor a question mark, that means it is not cited in the document. Since it is part of the active document, it will nevertheless be added to the bibliography.

If you want, modify the order in which the sources are sorted in the Master List and Current List. Open the list in the top right of the dialogue box, then click your sort preference. The default sort order is by author.

To find a source, type its name in the Search field. The search covers both fields and begins as soon as you begin typing.

To re-display all sources, delete the content in the Search field.

If you want to include (in the active document) a source created earlier in another document, select that source from the Master List and click Copy. The source now appears in the Current List and is added to the Insert Citation list (References tab).

To delete a source, select it in the Master List or the Current List then click Delete.

You cannot delete a source used in the document (the relevant sources are ticked in the Current List field).

To modify source ...