Changing the line spacing

Line spacing is the gap between the lines of a paragraph.

Select the relevant paragraphs or place the insertion point in the paragraph.

From the Home tab, go to the Paragraph group and click the images/13i10.png button.

You can also double-click one of the indent markers on the ruler.

Click Indents and Spacing tab.

Choose the line spacing from the Line spacing list:


The line spacing corresponds to the height of the line.

1.5 lines

The line spacing equals one and a half times the height of the line.


The line spacing equals the height of two lines.

At least

Give the minimum line spacing value in the At box.


Give the fixed line spacing in the At box: Word will apply this line spacing value, regardless of the character size.


Sets line spacing to match the percentage you specify in the At box.

Click OK.

You can also change line spacing by opening the list on the images/13iac30.png tool button in the Paragraph group of the Home tab, and clicking on the relevant unit. The option Line Spacing Options opens the Paragraph dialogue box, providing different Line spacing options.