Applying a character style

How to apply the appearance you have saved to a style to characters. Two style types are available, the character styles that essentially contain character enhancements and linked type styles which contain style enhancements for characters and paragraphs. The linked type of style is useful because it can be applied to characters or paragraphs. However, if you apply a linked style to characters, only certain enhancements to characters will be applied. Paragraph enhancements cannot be applied to characters.

First method

Using the Styles pane.

Select the text to which you want to apply the style.

From the Home tab, go to the Styles group and click the images/13i10.png button.

By default, the Styles panel only contains some styles.

If you want, you can change styles displayed in the panel: click the Options link at the bottom of the Styles panel, select the option you want from the Select styles to show list, then click OK.

Character styles are followed by the images/IRB78.png symbol, paragraph styles are followed by the images/IRB79.png symbol and linked styles are followed by the images/IRB76.png symbol.

Check Show Preview if you want a preview of each style.

The formatting associated with each style changes depending on the active style set (cf. Styles and styles sets - Changing the style set).


Click the style you want to apply to the text.

The formatting saved in the character style is instantly applied to the text. In the case of a Linked style, only the character enhancements contained in the style are applied to the selected characters.

Close the Styles pane by clicking the images/13i03.png tool. ...