Inserting a table

First method

Place the insertion point where you want to insert the table.

If you want to create a nested table (a table within another table), you can place the insertion point inside a cell in an existing table

From the Insert tab, go to the Tables group, click the Table button then click the Insert Table option.

Specify the number of columns and rows in the Number of columns and the Number of rows boxes.


In the AutoFit behavior frame, click one of the three options:

Fixed column width: the width of the column is not automatically adjusted as you enter data. In the text box, either choose Auto or specify a width of your own.

AutoFit to contents: the table is inserted with columns of minimum width. As you enter data, the column width is automatically adjusted to fit the contents. Note that if you have already manually adjusted the width of a column, AutoFit will no longer work.

AutoFit to window: the table is inserted between the margins of your document; when the margins change, the table is adjusted automatically. While typing, the column width does not adjust automatically but remains fixed.

Whatever option you choose, if an object or picture is inserted into the table, the column width is automatically adjusted to the size of that object or picture.

Check the Remember dimensions for new tables if you want these settings to be used for any new tables you create.

Click OK.

A table is instantly inserted. Two contextual tabs, Design and Layout, are added to the ribbon. You can format your table using ...