Finding text

Find text by its content

Place the insertion point where you want to start the search, or select the relevant text.

From the Home tab, go to the Editing group, click the down arrow on the Find button and select Advanced Find....

Type the text you are looking for in the Find what box.

The Find what box will accept up to 255 characters.

To refine your search, click the More button. Check:

Match case: to find the exact combination of upper and lower case letters entered in the Find what field. For example, if you enter "dear" without checking this option, Word will return occurrences of "dear", "Dear" and "DEAR". To limit the search to "dear", Match case must be checked.

Find whole words only: if the searched text constitutes a whole word. For example, if whole word is unchecked, Word may return "dear" and "dears"; "search" and "research". However, if whole word is checked Word will only return the word "dear".

Use wildcards: to find text from the Find what box using wildcard characters, symbols or special search operators. If Use wildcards is not checked and the Find what box contains symbols, Word will consider those symbols as plain text and not as wildcards.

Match prefix: if your text represents the prefix of a word. For example, for the word "day", if Match prefix is unchecked, Word looks for "day", "daylight" and "yesterday". If Match prefix is checked, Word looks for "day" and "daylight", ...