Using the thesaurus

Place the insertion point in the word for which you would like a synonym, or just after the word.

From the Review tab, go to the Proofing group and click the Thesaurus button images/13irev02.png or use the [Shift][F7] keyboard shortcut.


You can change the dictionary you want to use to find the synonym, using the list at the bottom of the pane; the default dictionary is English (United Kingdom).

The synonyms of the selected word are classified by meaning in the Thesaurus pane.

If you would like to find synonyms for another word, click the new word in your document then click the Thesaurus images/13irev02.png button or use the [Shift][F7] keyboard shortcut. You can also just type the word in the text field at the top of the pane then press the [Enter] key.

If you would like to see synonyms under a certain meaning, click the images/13i61.png button to the left of the meaning entry, if necessary. Click the images/13i62.png button to hide them again.

To list the synonyms of one of the synonyms, click its name.

Click images/13i69.png to return to the previous search.

If you wish to replace the word selected in the text with one of its synonyms, make sure it is selected or your insertion point is in the word to replace, point to the synonym you require in the Thesaurus pane, click the images/13i70.png button, then click Insert.

Close the Thesaurus pane if necessary by clicking the images/13i03.png button.

As with the Spelling pane, you can display the definition of the selected word in the bottom part of the Thesaurus pane, by downloading the relevant dictionary from the Office Store website. However, remember that the dictionaries ...