Saving a new style set

After making changes to a style set (such as designing, changing or deleting a style), you can save that set as a new style set. This allows you to apply it to other documents.

After customising the style set applied to the document, go to the Document Formatting group, click More images/13iac33.png in the style set gallery from the Design tab, then click Save as a New Style Set.

By default, the QuickStyles folder is selected.


Make sure the QuickStyles folder is selected (C:\Users\User_name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\QuickStyles) so that the new style set is added to the list of existing style sets.

Specify the file name in the File name box.

A style set file is a Word template file with the .dotx extension.

Click Save.

The name of the new style set is now visible in the Custom area in the style set list (Design tab - Document Formatting button).

To delete a custom style set, you can show the style set gallery (Design tab), right-click the relevant style set in the Custom area, then click the Delete option.