Inserting symbols into your text

This technique allows you to insert characters which do not figure on the keyboard.

Place the insertion point where you want to put the symbol.

On the Insert tab, click the Symbol button from the Symbols group.

If one of the symbols suggested is suitable, click it to insert it; otherwise, click More Symbols.

Recently used symbols are included in the palette.

In the Font list box, select the font containing the character you need. For example:

(normal text) To insert a standard character such as a fraction, a currency symbol or a foreign language character.
Symbol To insert Greek or mathematical symbols.
Webdings, Wingdings, Wingdings2 or Wingdings3 To insert a graphic symbol.

In this example, the Wingdings font characters are displayed:


Scroll through the symbols until you can see the one you want (then double-click the character you want to insert or select it and click Insert. If the symbol you want is one of the recently inserted symbols, you can select it from the symbols in the Recently used symbols area.

To select a symbol, you can also type its code (if you know it) in the Character code field.

Click images/13i67.png to close the dialogue box.

You can insert special characters (such as a non-breaking space or an em dash) in the same way that you insert symbols: click the Special Characters tab of the Symbol dialogue box (Insert tab - Symbol button - option More Symbols).

You can assign shortcut keys to symbols by using the Shorcut Key button in the Symbol dialog box.

If you have inserted a symbol in the document, double-click ...