Sorting a list of data

Open the main document, and if necessary, display the Mailings tab.

Go to the Start Mail Merge group and click the Edit Recipient List button.

Click the Sort link in the Refine recipient list area.

When the dialogue box appears, you can see that you can sort by up to three fields.

Open the Sort by list, click the relevant filter option and choose either Ascending or Descending.

Use the (none) option to cancel the relevant sort row.

If several records have the same sort criterion, choose another criterion in the Then by lists.


The records are sorted according to the first sort criterion. When this value is the same on more than one record (for example, the Group is Nantwich on several records), the second sort criterion comes into effect (for example, the records for Nantwich are then sorted by Last_Name) and so on.

Click OK.

The sorted list appears in the Mail Merge Recipients dialogue box.

Click OK.

If you complete the mailing, letters are printed according to the record order.

To delete all the sort criteria, click Clear All in the Filter and Sort or Query Options dialogue box, according to whether the document is a Word document (.docx) or not.