Numbering the pages in a document

Inserting page numbers

Word has a list of predefined numbering styles. You can insert page numbers in header and footer areas, and in the left and right margins.

From the Insert tab, click Page Number from the Header & Footer group, then point to the option that corresponds to the area where you want to insert the number.


The Page Margins option allows you to insert the page number in the left or right margin.

If you need to, scroll down the page then click on the style you want.

The insertion point blinks in the Header or Footer area of the page, and the Design tab is selected in the ribbon.

Click Close Header and Footer from the Design tab or double-click anywhere in the document outside the header or footer area.

If you are working in Print Layout view, you will see numbers on each page of the document.


To download a numbered list online from, go to the Insert tab, Header & Footer group, and click Page Number. Point to either Top of Page, Bottom of Page or Page Margins then More Page Numbers from and click one of the lists. If no numbered lists are available you will see the option No Online Content Available.

The Page Number button is available from the Header & Footer group (Design tab), and can be used to insert page numbers on the first page, odd or even pages and in particular sections.

You can also insert a page number directly into a page: place the insertion point where you want to insert the number, go to the Insert tab then click the Page Number button from the Header & ...