Creating a text box

A text box allows you to position text anywhere on the page, or to put paragraphs side by side.

From the Insert tab, go to the Text group, click Text Box and then click Draw Text Box. If a text box is selected, you can click the Draw Text Box images/13i107.png tool from the Insert Shapes group on the Format tab.

The pointer takes the shape of a cross: images/IRB109.png.

Drag the pointer to draw the text box.

The cursor blinks inside the text box.

Enter your text as you would enter an ordinary paragraph.


Click outside the box to end.

You also can insert a predefined text box already pre-formatted. To do so, from the Insert tab, go to Text and click the Text Box button. Scroll down the list to choose a text box. Click the text box to insert it in the document. Click the text in the text box to replace it.

To download a text box from, point to the More Text Boxes from option from the Text Box button and from the proposed text boxes, click the one you want to insert. If no text boxes are available for download, you will see the No Online Content Available message.

To change the direction of the text in the text box, select the text, then go to the contextual Format tab and click the Text Direction button in the Text group and then the direction you want.

You can change the vertical text alignment in a text box: after selecting the text box you want to change, in the Format tab, go to Text group, click Align Text and then click the orientation you want.

You will find the options linked to the text box (text layout, margins…) in the Text Options ...