Creating a list style

A list style has different levels of formatting. When you apply a list style, the formatting applied to each paragraph depends on the level.

If you are creating a style for a single document only, go ahead and open that document. If you are creating a style for all documents based on a particular template, open a document based on that template, or open the template.

From the Home tab, go to the Paragraph group, click the images/13iac21.png tool button, then click Define New List Style.

You can also click the New Style tool button images/13i64.png located at the lower part of the Styles pane.

Enter the name of the new style in the Name box.

If required, select the List option in the Style type list.


Define the formatting for each level:

  • Select the level concerned from the Apply formatting to list.

  • If required, select a new starting number from the Start at list.

  • Define the formats to apply to paragraphs of this level using the tool buttons in the lower part of the Formatting frame and access further options by clicking the Format button.

If you are not working in the template itself, but would like the list style to be included in the template on which the current document is based, check the option New documents based on this template.

Click OK.

The new list style appears in the List Styles task panel on the images/13iac21.png tool button (Home tab - Paragraph group).