Adding or signing into an account

Click on the File tab, and then the Account option.

In the centre pane, click the Sign In button if no other Microsoft account is shown; otherwise, click on the Switch Account link.

If several accounts already exist, in the Accounts window Word will remind you of the name of the active account (Current Account) and list the other connected account(s) (Other Accounts).


Here, for example, Carole Collins has both an address and a address. Depending on which account is active, she will access the OneDrive storage area for either the first or the second of these.

In this case, click the Add Account button.


Enter the e-mail address associated with the Microsoft account to use, then click Next.

In the next window, enter the password in the corresponding box, then click the Sign in button.

Each account has its own settings.

If necessary, change the settings for the current account (photo, background, services, etc.).

If you want to remove a connected account and its custom settings, you can use the Sign out link and then confirm by clicking Yes.