Insert a screenshot

You can easily insert a screenshot in your document showing the whole or a part of one of the open windows.

Place the cursor at the place where you want to insert the screenshot and then click the Insert tab.

To capture a picture of the whole window, go to Illustrations and click Screenshot.

The Available Windows area shows a preview of each of the open windows.

Click the preview corresponding to the screenshot to insert in your document.

To take a picture of a part of a window, first activate the corresponding window by clicking its button in the taskbar.

Display once again the document into which you want to insert the screenshot.

Go to Illustrations, click the Screenshot button and then click Screen Clipping.

Click and drag to select the area of the screen to be pictured.

When you release the mouse, the screenshot is displayed at the cursor’s location in the Word document.

If needed, edit the screenshot just like any other picture with the tools available from the Format tab.