Inserting a field

Inserting a field enables you to insert variable information, such as a section number, the number of pages or the user’s name.

In the Insert tab, go to the Text group, click the Explore Quick Parts button images/IC-036.png, then Field.

Select one of the categories from the Categories list.

For example, fields for the section number and number of pages in a section are grouped under the Numbering category.

Click the name of the field that you wish to insert.

A description of the chosen field appears in the Description frame.


You may have a choice of Field properties; set these as required.

The available properties change depending on the type of field you have selected.

Click OK.

The field is inserted in the document. If the field codes are activated (cf. following heading), the field appears like this: {field name}. Otherwise, only the field’s value is displayed.