Changing track changes options

You can, if you wish, choose what changes to show in the document and change the types of marks Word uses to designate different types of modifications.

In the Review tab, go to the Tracking group and click the images/13i10.png button.


In the Show area, check the options that correspond to the changes you want to show in the document, and uncheck the ones you do not want to show.

In the Balloons in All Markup view show list, choose the changes you want to see in the balloons when All Markup is selected:


All changes are displayed in balloons: comments, formatting, insertions and deletions of text.


No changes are displayed in balloons.

Comments and formatting

Comments and character and paragraph formatting changes appear in balloons; this is the default option.

If you want to display the Reviewing pane, choose the Vertical or Horizontal option from the Reviewing Pane list, otherwise choose the Off option.

Change how these different types of change are highlighted by clicking the Advanced Options button.


By default, the text insertions appear underlined when track changes is active. Deletions are crossed out, rows with changes are preceded by a vertical line; the track moves and formatting changes are displayed.

Change how these changes are highlighted by changing the options in this dialogue box.

The Show lines connecting to text option links each comment balloon to its respective change.

Click OK

Click OK in the Track Changes Options dialogue box.