For those who read this book by Nicolas BONNET, welcome.

The book you are about to read is about Veeam Backup & Replication V11, the biggest release in Veeam’s history. Features such as CDP, the Hardened Repository, Archive Tier, expanded Instant Recovery and more as-a-service capabilities are truly a huge innovation in the backup market.

In my 11 years at Veeam, three things have consistently driven my role here towards the product team: Driving Community, sharing about Veeam Products and Delivering Content.

This book by Nicolas embodies so much of this. Nicolas is one of the Veeam Vanguards, Veeam’s highest level influencer program administered by Nikola Pejková (Twitter: @NikolaPejkova) and myself. It is truly amazing to see what Vanguards do in the communities they serve. Having co-authored a book myself and served as technical editor review for books from other Vanguards and Veeam operations internally, I can tell you firsthand that taking on a book is no small project. Congratulations, Nicolas, but also congratulations to you, the reader.

Veeam’s goal is to be the most trusted provider of backup solutions and it starts with Veeam Backup & Replication. If you are new to Veeam, this book is a great start.

Beyond this book, you will find many ways to engage with Veeam on technical levels. Whether it is the Veeam community hub (, the Veeam R&D forums (, Veeam user groups, VeeamON (including regional forums and tours where we will once again join) and so many more ways...



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