Using the Navigation Pane

If your document has titles to which you have applied heading styles, the navigation pane can be used to browse your document quickly using the titles. It allows you not just to rearrange your document (move, delete and add titles...) but also to search and locate text quickly.

In the View tab, check the Navigation Pane visible in the Show group, in Read Mode, you can click on the Navigation Pane option located in the View menu.

The navigation pane appears to the left of the screen and displays the general structure of the document in an outline format. You can drag the right edge of the pane to change its width.


If you do not see the outline of the document, click on the Headings tab located at the top of the navigation pane.

To go to a document title, click on the corresponding title in the pane.

The cursor moves when the title is selected, thus making it appear in the document window.

To change the heading level to display in the navigation pane, right-click on one of the headings in the pane, point to the Show Heading Levels, then click on one of the Show Heading levels: headings of this level and all higher heading levels are now visible in the navigation pane. For example, if you click the Show Heading 3 option, you will see all the headings of level 3 as well as all headings of level 1 and 2.

To view the headings located under a heading, click on the images/13i61.png symbol. To hide these headings, click on the images/13i62.png symbol.

To view all headings in the pane, right-click on a heading and click the Expand All option. To display only ...