Opening a main document

Click the File tab then Open.

In the centre pane, click This PC, then the name of the file (or of the sub-folder containing the file, then the name of the file) if the file is saved to your Documents folder. If not, click Browse in the centre pane and select the folder where the main document is stored, then double-click the file to open it.

Word detects whether a data file is linked to the document you want to open, and prompts you to add the file data to the main document.


The Show Help button displays the message text.

Click one of the following buttons:


To establish the link between the main document and data file.


To delete the link between the main document and the data file. The main document then becomes a normal word document.

If you choose to establish the link between this document and the data file, the options under the Mailings tab become available. These options are greyed out (i.e. not available) if you choose to delete the link.