Sharing a document

If you have an area on the Web which you can share with other users, such as a SharePoint document library (available to Office 365 subscribers) or a folder on your personal OneDrive area, you can make a Word document available to other users of your choosing by sending an access link (via e-mail or through a website), or using Word’s own sharing feature (see Sharing a document, below).

To use this facility, you must be signed in to your Microsoft account and you must be able to access your shared area via Word, adding the service if necessary to your list of places (see next section).

Adding a place

This procedure adds a new OneDrive or SharePoint library so that it is available within the Word application.

If you have already added places, they will be available in the centre pane of the Open and Save As options on the File tab.

Click the File tab and the Save As option.

In the centre pane, click on Add a Place, and in the right-hand pane click on the service you want to add: Office 365 SharePoint or OneDrive.

In the window which then opens, enter the e-mail address linked to the account in question and click the Next button.

Then fill in the password and click the Sign in button.

Once you have signed in, the new service will appear in the list of place in the centre pane of the Open and Save As options, and also in the list of Connected Services under the Account option on the File tab.


To add a place, you can also select the Account option under the File tab and select Storage from the Add a service button in the centre pane ...