Managing equations

Click the relevant equation then make sure that the Design tab is selected.

To change the content of the equation, make the required changes using the options from the Design tab.

To change the view of an equation, go to the Tools group, and click the view required, Professional or Linear.


By default, equations are displayed in Professional view. These options are also available in the equation drop-down list.

To display the content of an equation in normal text (non-mathematical text), click the Normal Text button in the Tools group.

To display text on the same line as an equation, open the equation drop-down list, then click the option Change to Inline: the equation is now treated as a character.


To display an equation by itself, open the drop-down list associated with the equation, then click Change to Display: no text can be inserted on the same line as the equation.


To change the alignment of the equation, open the equation drop-down list, point to Justification then click the corresponding alignment option.

This option is not available is you have chosen the option Change to Inline.

To delete an equation, click the images/13i41.png bar to select the equation, then press the [Del] key.

To change equation options, click an equation to activate the Design tab. Next click the images/13i10.png button in the Tools group, make the changes you want, then click OK to confirm.