Using Math AutoCorrect rules

Math AutoCorrect rules, when activated, enable you to type a code which will be replaced by a mathematical symbol.

To activate Math AutoCorrect rules, click the File tab, then Options. Select the Proofing category and click the AutoCorrect Options button.

Activate the Math AutoCorrect tab and check the Use Math AutoCorrect rules outside of math regions option.

Existing codes are listed, each code starting with \ followed by the name of the code:


You can add further mathematical symbols by entering the code in the Replace area and the symbol to replace it in the With area (see section on Using AutoCorrect).

Click OK.

To insert a mathematical symbol into a document, position the insertion point where the symbol should appear, enter the code representing the symbol you wish to insert, and then press either the [Space] key or the [Enter] key to insert the symbol.

For example, if you want to insert the infinity symbol images/IC-057.png, enter the code \infty and then press the [Space] or [Enter] key.

Take a look at the list of codes in the AutoCorrect dialogue box - Math AutoCorrect tab (File tab - Options - Proofing category - AutoCorrect Options button) to see the various preset codes available.