Using print preview

Click the File tab then click Print.

The print preview and the print functions are grouped under the Print option on the File tab.

A reduced image of the document appears on the right side of the window, as it will look when printed. The zoom value and current page number appear below the page.

Here you can see page 1 of a 5 page document with a zoom value of 73%.


To see more pages, use the Next Page images/i38.png and Previous Page images/i39.png tools below the preview, or the [PgUp] and [PgDn] keys.

You can also use the vertical scroll bar.

To display a specific page, enter its number in the Current Page area images/13i42.png then press [Enter].

To change the zoom value, use the Zoom Out tool images/13i43.png to reduce its value and the Zoom In tool images/13i44.png to increase its value. You can also change the zoom value by sliding the Zoom cursor images/13i45.png.

You can also click on the zoom value on the left side of the Zoom Out tool images/13i43.png in order to open the Zoom dialogue box which will allow you to specify the zoom value you want.

To preview several pages, reduce the zoom value until the desired number of pages is displayed.


To return to a single page preview, click the page you want in the preview then click the Zoom to Page tool images/13i46.png located under the vertical scroll bar.

To change the page setup, click on the Page Setup link located under the printer settings, change the options you want and click OK.

To print the document, specify the printing options you want and then click Print.

To exit the print preview, click the images/13i25.png button or press the [Esc] key.

Your document will again be visible ...