Inserting an Excel spreadsheet into Word

You can create a spreadsheet within a Word document.

Place the cursor where you want the spreadsheet to be inserted.

In the Insert tab, go to the Tables group, click the Table button then Excel Spreadsheet.

A spreadsheet appears in a rectangle with a hatched border. The Excel Ribbon replaces the one from Word.

If necessary, modify the table size by dragging one of the black handles you see on the borders.

Create the spreadsheet using Excel options and tools.


To view the spreadsheet in Word, click the Word document.

To modify the spreadsheet, double-click the embedded object. Make your changes then click in the Word document.

To edit an Excel object when Excel is not installed on your computer, select the object then right-click to display its contextual menu. Point to Worksheet Object, click Convert then choose a file format compatible with an application installed on your PC.

To edit the spreadsheet within the Microsoft Excel application, select the spreadsheet, right-click it to view its contextual menu, point to Worksheet Object and click Open.