Showing/hiding non-printing characters

When these characters are visible, it is easy to see spaces, ends of paragraphs, etc. These characters are not printed.


To show the non-printing characters, go to the Home tab, and in the Paragraph group, click images/13iac25.png.

The following characters appear:

images/icp8.PNG represents the [Enter] key,

. represents the [Space] key,

images/fleche.PNG represents the [Tab] key,

° represents a non-breaking space used to prevent text being split across lines, e.g. 55°kg, John°Smith.

To hide the non-printing characters, click images/13iac25.png to deactivate the display.

You can choose which characters you always want to display on the screen even if the images/13iac25.png tool is deactivated. To do this, check the options that correspond to the formatting marks you want to keep on showing under Always show these formatting marks on the screen, from the Word Options dialogue box (File tab - Options - Display).