Using AutoCorrect

Activating/deactivating AutoCorrect

If the AutoCorrect options are active, Word corrects common mistakes as you type (for instance, if you type "teh" Word will replace it with "the").

Click the File tab, then Options.

From the left pane, click Proofing, then from the right pane click AutoCorrect Options.

Make sure the AutoCorrect tab is selected.

Check or uncheck (depending on your needs) the five options that appear to the left of the Exceptions button.

Deactivate Replace text as you type if you do not want Word to correct common errors while you are typing.

This option is active by default.

Click OK.

Defining the AutoCorrect entries

Word supplies you with a considerable list of automatic corrections. You can add to this list your own words or abbreviations that Word will replace while you type.

If the correctly spelt word exists in your document, select it.

If the selected text is formatted, Word gives you the opportunity to store that word with or without its formatting.

Click the File tab then Options.

Select Proofing, then click AutoCorrect Options.

Make sure the AutoCorrect tab is selected.

If necessary, check Replace text as you type.

Enter the badly spelt word or the abbreviation in the Replace box.

If required, enter the correct spelling in the With box. If you have already selected text in the document, it should appear automatically in this box.

If required, activate the Plain text option to store the AutoCorrect entry without any formatting ...