Turning on Track Changes

When you want to work with several users but on the same document, you can:

  • Make copies of this document that will change according to each user’s need, then you will merge these copies in order to create a single consolidated document; the differences can also be compared.

  • Make one single copy of this document that each user will change; you will all be viewing the same document with the changes made by each user.

Before making one or more copies of a document, it is necessary to set up the track changes function.

Open the document that you wish to make available to several users.

Click the Review tab, go to the Tracking group and click the top part of the Track Changes button to start tracking changes.

If you do not want users to be able to turn off track changes, or accept or reject changes made to the document, go to the Tracking group, open the list on the Track Changes button, then click Lock Tracking.

You can type a password in the Enter password (optional) box, then type it again in the Reenter to confirm box.

Although the password is optional, it is strongly recommended. In fact, if the lock is not password protected, any user can easily turn off lock tracking and thereby turn off track changes (cf. first remark).

You may wish to modify the marks Word uses to show the different types of modification (cf. Changing track changes options). 

Save the changes made to the document.

Copy the document into one or more folders that other users can access (shared folder on your computer or network). ...