Creating a table of figures

A table of figures shows a list of captions, pictures, charts, objects or all other illustrations in a document.

Attach a caption to each object (cf. Managing objects - Attaching a caption to an object).

Place the cursor where you wish to insert the table.

From the References tab, go to the Captions group and click the Insert Table of Figures button.

The Table of Figures dialogue box appears.

Choose the type of look you want for your table from the Formats list under General. You can preview it in the Print Preview pane.

You can also preview your table of figures as a web page in the Web Preview pane.

If you chose the format From template, click Modify if you want to change the labels style.

To show page numbers in the table of figures, check the option Show page numbers; if you want to right align page numbers, check the option Right align page numbers.

For all the formats except Centered, indicate whether you wish to add a tab leader (a dotted line) between the entries and the page numbers in the Tab leader list.

In the Caption label list, select the option corresponding to the caption label to take into account when creating your table of figures. If all the caption labels in your document are Figure and you choose Table in the Caption label list, instead of a table of figures, you will see an error message letting you know that no table of figures entry has been found. Likewise, if you display two or more different caption labels in your document (Picture and Figure), only the captions ...